Monday, February 28, 2011

Two detailed papers about global population ageing

These are two heavy weight papers about the implications of the ageing population. I mean heavyweight, both in terms of the number of pages and the depth of analysis.

There is no way I can attempt to summarise the contents, but understanding the global impacts of the ageing population is what you are about then download these documents. The first of them “The implications of Population Aging for Economic Growth” is co-authored by David Bloom, a Harvard academic I met last year. Believe me he really does know what he is talking about.

The second paper - Megatrend «Global Demographic Change»: Tackling Business and Society Challenges in 2030 and beyond - is made up of a series of papers. Certainly if you want to know what is happening in Asia Pacific then this is a must read.

Last year I attended the WDA Forum, the source of these papers. To be honest I was not that impressed. It looks like things have improved this year. Dick Stroud

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