Thursday, March 15, 2012

Age UK is launching an accreditation scheme

Age UK is launching an accreditation scheme to encourage UK businesses to design products and services to cater for older consumers. I assume this is a re-launch of the scheme it promoted in 2009.

I remember going to the launch at the Design Museum where Joan Bakewell and Martin Bell, ex MP and journalist and Tom Wright, CEO of Age UK, launched the scheme and awarded the first prize winner to BSkyB for its accessible remote control.

Age UK says this means that businesses need to make sure their products and services are relevant and suitable for this market to stay ahead of the competition. I couldn't agree more!

The aim is to position the scheme as a kite mark for products and services that have been designed to take into account the needs and lifestyles of the UK’s ageing population.

Marketing magazine says:
Brands from any sector can submit their products and services, from packaging, devices and in-store experiences, to Age UK’s “rigorous assessment process”.
Now I wonder why the article in Marketing put quotes around rigorous assessment process? For sure, the only way that a scheme of this type will work is if there is a rigorous and comprehensive scheme that ensures you can compare the age-friendliness of a toothbrush with a that of a banking service -  then you have problems.

Separately, the charity has also launched a stop-frame animation ad campaign to promote the core services it provides for older people in the UK such as advice on staying independent in old age, improving finances and staying fit and healthy. See the video. Dick Stroud

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