Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where will all of the 65+ work?

How will Baby Boomers find jobs to help fund their retirement?

Anybody with the answer to this question please send me an e-mail.

This is a big, big issue in the US and Europe. Now here is one of those useless bits of information that you can file away - what profession in the US has the highest number of 65+ workers?

Answer  - funeral services where 31% of employees are in the older age group.

I found this piece of data and other interesting snippets in BusinessWeek about the US employment situation.

There seems to be a big unanswered question about the way the future of employment and older employees is going to play out. On one hand we know there will be fewer younger workers and hence there might be additional demand for older people - on the other hand the total level of employment might be dropping - due to changing economic status of the US and Europe and the impact of technology.

To be honest I don't think anybody really knows the answer. All we do know is that older people are going to have to find ways of supplementing their income. This means there will be opportunities to make money for any companies that can help them in this quest. Dick Stroud

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