Sunday, August 05, 2012

Concerning data about the lack of exercise and over weight older Brits

Saga has done a bit of research that puts some numbers around what we know from observation and experience.

  • 52% of over 50s say they are overweight
  • 20% say their weight is their biggest physical concern
  • A third do no exercise at all 
  • 25% of over 65s exercise for fun

Whenever I have worked for clients in the wellness sector my rule of thumb has been:
25% take wellness seriously  - means they exercise (some) and watch what they eat
25% don't give a damn
The remaining 50% do a bit, from time to time, but only change their behaviour after a shock (like being diagnosed with Diabetes).

My guess is that the older old take more interest in their wellness than the younger-old.

Not good. Dick Stroud

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