Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Menopause - Kimberly-Clarke new products and marketing campaign

Stephen Reily, in the MediaPost blogs, writes about way that Kimberly-Clarke has succeeded with its Poise brand of pads and liners to help with the occasional incontinence that affects at least one in three women as they age.

The company even gave the condition its own, user-friendly name (“light bladder leakage” or LBL).

Well the company is now providing products for another physical affect of ageing. In the company’s own words: “a line of products designed to help you approach menopause with confidence.”

This video, featuring the senior product manager for the product, explains what the company is doing, far better than I can.

From what I can see Kimberly-Clarke is doing an excellent job tackling an effect of ageing is very important to women (and their partners!).

Kim Walker and I have discussed this subject in detail in our new book - Marketing to the Ageing Consumer. Dick Stroud

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