Tuesday, November 25, 2014

John Lewis: the customer journey from search to checkout

The term 'customer journey' is not new. It is one of those marketing concepts that swings in and out of favour. I think it is an important tool if you want to understand if there is any substance to your claim about being customer centric. Kim Walker and I use it when working with clients to understand how all of their customer touchpoints hang together to give the older person an age-friendly customer experience.

Econsultancy has conducted a sub set of a sub set and looked at the online experience when using the John Lewis web site. For non Brits, John Lewis is THE success story of UK retailing in 2014.

Starting with search for a product through to purchase this gives an idea of what it is like to analyse how easy it is for a customer to do business. In our case we focus on older consumers but often we reveal problems that are common to all age groups. The Econsultancy example uses less than 20% of our touchpoints, however, it gives a pretty good feel for the process.

If you want to know what it means to conduct a full audit of the customer experience then have a look at our age-friendly web site. Dick Stroud

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