Sunday, February 01, 2015

Britvic aims to reach an ageing population

The CMO of Britvic, was reported this week as saying that his company is moving to reach an ageing population as well as a demographic that is “poorly served” - I think this means older adults.

“There is very little for adults to enjoy in the soft drinks market,” he says. “It’s a big opportunity.”


The company will launch French brand Teisseire in the UK in February, a premium syrup that can be added to water, alcohol or coffee. I am sure there is a more marketing friendly description but that one doesn't sound that appetising.

The brand will target adults with a premium proposition, as well as a no-sugar variant, as part of the company’s move to tap into the adult soft drinks market, an area which it says is under-represented in terms of share.

If I see anymore information about this venture I will let you know. Dick Stroud

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