Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Insights into how we could make roads more age friendly from the The Older Drivers Task Force

By 2025 there will be a million drivers on the UK's roads aged 85+. That is one hell of idea to get your head around.

Some enlightened person in government (good to see there are still some left) decided to investigate the issues created on the roads by physiological ageing and set up a task force to investigate. The results have just been published.

The report looks to be excellent and full of useful information for all of us involved in the Ageing Industry.

Those people responsible for the reports design would do well to think about more about their choice of colour combinations, just in case there are any older drivers reading the report. I would not advise reversed out text on a light blue pastel background. That said it is a great bit of work.

Here are some of the recommendations.

T-junctions should be replaced by mini-roundabouts
Use of wider white lines in the middle of roads
More traffic lights at crossroad junctions
Reflective backing on signs to make them more visible
Larger lettering on road markings.

All good sensible suggestions. However, the chance of anybody paying any attention to the report I would think is mighty low. A shame. Dick Stroud

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