Sunday, September 03, 2017

Yet another presentation about the longevity economy. Time to move on

Call it the Longevity Economy or my preferred term - The Ageing Business - there is only so much you can say about the subject at the strategic level. Lots and lots to say about the detail, but that doesn't make for conference sessions.

This pitch by Ken Dychtwald is OK but there is nothing new if you have heard many of his other sessions. The other guy you will see in this video is head of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, I have fast forwarded his session which is mainly a mutual admiration fest with Ken.

It is good to see that Dychtwald is recognising that all is not good in the ageing consumer world and many are going to struggle financially. However, I doubt if that is much interest to the audience who are sitting through a session from Merrill Lynch.

This is a session about a country called America the Wealthy. It is a great place, somewhere i love visiting, but don't kid yourself these presentations say anything about America Just Getting By. 

You should know about this part of the country, which means you should read one or both of these books. The American Working Class and/or 55 Unemployed and Faking Normal

I am going to be really presumptuous and offer Ken a word of advice. You need to start recognising in a big way, not just the caveat comment, that a large number of your older American fellows live in a very different world to the one you eloquently describe in your presentations. They are still part of the Ageing Business but for sure they are not gong to be buying wealth management services. Dick Stroud

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