Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Economist to launch downloadable audio edition

If you are like me and subscribe to The Economist you are likely to have a permanent feeling of guilt that you don’t read as much of its content as you should. A pile of the past week’s copies sit glaring at me until I pluck up the courage and put them in the refuse (sorry I should have said the recycling box).

Now I have even less excuse as the whole of the Economist is available for download. Yep, all 130 Mb of it.

What a brilliant idea. The Economist can now sell an audio as well as a magazine version and enable its customers to engorge themselves on its words of wisdom through another channel.

I suspect it is also a bright move when appealing to older people who still want the enjoyment of the Economist’s content but with the resulting eye-strain. My guess is that the Economist will be the first of many mags to go audio - and very soon video. Dick Stroud

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