Friday, January 05, 2018

A goldmine of information about the finances of older people

The publication, Pensions at a Glance, from the OECD is a fantastic source of information about wealth and income of older people in OECD and G20 countries. Definitely one for your digital file of useful information. Dick Stroud

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Where does the angst between old and young register on the conflict spectrum

There are lots of factors that separate society. In recent years, stoked by the intergenerational fairness fanatics, the press has spent much time discussing the fissures between the old and the young. Just how important is this conflict compared with the other things that divide society?

Pew Research has made an attempt of measuring the conflicts in the US. This is what they found

So young versus old is at the bottom of the list. Interestingly, Democrats (those who are progressive and liberal and all that sort of stuff) see much deeper divisions than Republicans (those who spend their free time grinding the face of the poor into the ground etc etc). The only thing that the political parties are agreed upon is the amount that they loathe each other.

I suspect if you substituted Conservative and Labour you would get a similar result for the UK.

As I always say to those that get worked up about the division of old and young - don't forget that these are not alien groups - but parents and children. Maybe that explains why it is at the bottom of the list. Dick Stroud

UX design and why it is important - especially for older consumers

Jakob Nielsen discusses how proven heuristics and UX design guidelines can drive big advances in creating valuable products. This guy knows more about the subject than anybody I know. He is always worth listening to and even more valuable if you then act on what he says. Dick Stroud