Sunday, June 13, 2010

What is the best term: Age Agnostic – Age Neutral – Ageless

Marketing week (this week) has a lot of stuff about marketing to children. This is a link to the tables.

There is an interesting comment in the mags leader
Brands such as Apple, Wii, Sony and Nintendo that are age agnostic (“Dad wants it as much as children”) are seen as having a positive influence as families adopt brands that help them spend time together again.
“Age agnostic” - I don't think this is right phrase. My dictionary comes up with this as a definition of agnostic as: “sceptic, person who is doubting or suspicious about something.” Mmm

I don’t much like the word ‘Ageless’ – not really sure why - it sounds like something out of a cheesy cosmetic ad.

So I come back to my term “Age Neutral” as a better way of expressing what I think the leader writer was trying to say.

I found it fascinating that some of the age-neutral brands seem to be at the top of the list for being seen as ‘cool’ by children. So much for the argument that appealing to the old alienates the young. Dick Stroud

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