Friday, July 13, 2007

Marketing preferential parking spaces to the over-50s

The decision of the London borough Hillingdon to assign parking spaces that are nearby to the shops for the elderly has not found universal acceptance.

Just picture the scene in the depths of the Hillingdon council offices. The head honcho responsible for parking is told to implement the plan. I might be doing this person a great disservice but I doubt if marketing is one of their strong points.

There are two important decisions to make. How old is old and how to designate the parking space as being for the oldie?

So what did they decide? Old starts at 50! Since they had a shed load of the signs that are put outside care homes (see above) they would fit the bill nicely.

After the deluge of complaints the council issued a statement saying that they would envisage over 65s using the spaces and only those that are not fit and healthy.

This is a little microcosm of the issues facing the corporate world. Let’s hope they make a better fist of it than the London Borough of Hillingdon who failed miserably to give away these coveted parking spaces. Dick Stroud

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