Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nielsen sees the light of age neutrality

I have noticed that over time that Nielsen, the US research company, is reporting in more positive terms about the business value of the older consumer.

This article from the company’s Web site is the most positive I have read to date. The following is a quote:
“Boomers should be as desirable for marketers as Millennials and Gen-Xers for years to come; they are the largest single group of consumers, and a valuable target audience. As the U.S. continues to age, reaching this group will continue to be critical for advertisers,” said Pat McDonough, Senior Vice President, Insights, Analysis and Policy at the Nielsen Company.
Consider these Nielsen facts about Boomers:
•  Dominate 1,023 out of 1,083 consumer packaged goods categories
•  Watch the most video: 9:34 hours per day
•  Comprise 1/3 of all TV viewers, online users, social media users and Twitter users
•  Time shift TV more than 18-24s (2:32 vs. 1:32)
•  Are significantly more likely to own a DVD player
•  More likely to have broadband Internet access at home
The article also publishes a comparison about the most popular web sites for the 50-plus and their kids. Notice the difference, or more accurately the lack of it? It is called age neutrality.

The next time some dimwit asks me the question: “what web sites do older people use” I will stuff this table under their nose.

Advertising Age has picked up and discussed this article. Worth reading both its take on things and the comments. Dick Stroud

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