Sunday, August 08, 2010

Lack of innovation in the Healthcare Industry

The Diamond Digital IQ study found that only 3% of healthcare companies were focused on innovation as their primary strategic emphasis. That is terrible.

The author of the blog posting (John Sviokla) goes on to suggest how the iPad and other new mobile technology could be used in the Healthcare sector.

Since older people are the greatest recipients of healthcare then his thoughts are particularly relevant to this group.

During the past few months I have spent far too long sitting in doctor surgeries and visiting hospitals and observing how they operate.It is terrifying!

I totally concur with all of the author’s suggestions. My big concern is the lack of data management infrastructure to support the iPad and other delivery devices. The iPad is perfect for integrating video, graphics and data at the point of need, but only if the data processing infrastructure is up to the job. Unfortunately, in the UK it isn’t.

I can see that the use of these new technologies will widen the gap between the standards of private and public healthcare provision. Dick Stroud

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