Thursday, August 05, 2010

Nielsen looks at who is using the iPad and iPhone

Nielsenwire blog contains the result of a survey of 64,000 mobile subscribers who were contacted during the period April through June 2010.

This survey concluded that 15% of iPad users are more than 56 years old compared to 33% of all mobile subscribers. What a strange age range – not 50 years old – not 55 years old but older than 56 years.

It looks like the affluent 25 to 36 year olds have the greatest propensity to buy Apple products. As income grows the willingness and ability to pay for more sophisticated devices increases, too. About 20% of wireless subscribers report earning more than $100,000, but almost 40% of iPad owners fall into that category.

Nielsen believes that: “over time, we believe those over 56 age segment could represent a significant growth opportunity for Apple. While these baby boomers are not known as early adopters, they do adopt, and we should not underestimate the appeal of Apple’s products as easily and intuitively usable devices for consuming content and Internet data.”

I couldn’t agree more. Dick Stroud

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