Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Retiring habits of US boomers

Jo Coughlin has a thoughtful item in his blog about the changing retirement habits of US Boomers. Amusingly titled: “Should I go or should I stay” – the Clash – remember them?

So will today’s 60-plus following in the footsteps of the parents and move after retirement? The big difference between the US and the UK is that the US has some places that have decent weather so there is an incentive to move and get the sun. Us poor sods in the UK just have dismal weather wherever we live.

I thought these facts about the US were fascinating:
  • The annual growth in retirement-destination counties has declined from 3.1% between 2000-2007, to 1.7% between 2007-2009.
  • 126 of 440 retirement counties in Arizona, California, Florida, and New Mexico lost population over the last two years.
  • 33 out of Florida’s 43 retirement counties grew at a slower rate than prior years while seven counties lost population.
No doubt about it, the “stay-in-place” behaviour seems to be spreading. Of course another explanation is that moving at the point of retirement has been delayed not stopped. 75 is the new 65 etc etc..Dick Stroud

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