Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The advertising reach of games

This is very little to do with the 50-plus, other than this age group is a significant part of the gaming community.

In his blog, Richard Donkin, a well known UK writer and journalist talks about his son’s venture as a Flash Game developer with his own Web site where you can play the games for free.

So how does he make a living – advertising.

The stat that amazed me is his most popular game to date has had more than 10 million plays. That figure is twice the audience for British television's most watched programme in the second week of September (the latest figures available at the time of this blog). Who Do You Think You Are? that pulled in audience of 4.6 million.

OK, I know that by its very nature a games site will attract a global audience but then there are lots of global brands. That’s astonishing.Dick Stroud

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