Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are you mobile digitally excluded?

This year has seen a lot of focus on the plight of the UK’s digitally excluded – most of whom are 60+.

Just as the media has got its head around this subject the game has moved on to the plight of the mobile digitally excluded.
As this article explains, the new game in town is all about using marketing to incentivise smartphone users. Where this leaves your aged aunt who has just about worked out how to turn on a mobile phone is anybody’s guess.

Well it is not really a guess, I think we know the answer. The world is moving to smartphones and that is where new consumer marketing campaigns will be pitched. Sure it is not going to change overnight but all of the arguments of why not having Internet access become even stronger when we introduce the mobility factor. Dick Stroud

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Anonymous said...

As someone approaching retirement, I don't feel that anyone has "excluded" me. As someone who often wishes that I hadn't embraced the clicknology (and wasted several man years chasing triva off my PC screen), I am reaching the point where I gain a perverse pleasure in switching off my mobile phone and my PC (is this self-exclusion?). I have no desire to buy another i-anything just for the further pleasure of not switching it on.