Friday, December 03, 2010

Head of Age UK becomes chairman of UK agency

In the great scheme of things the news that the head of Age UK becomes chairman of a consultancy that provides advice to companies, and organisations like Age UK, is not worth a second reading.

I guess it raises a few eyebrows about the way Age UK will dishes out its agency contracts but I cannot believe it would be so daft as to give the company involved, RHC-Advantage, any business. I am sure that must have been part of the deal for Mr Wright to become involved.

I am also sure that Mr Wright wouldn’t want to be seen as being recruited for his address book (i.e. as a source of business leads) or as a source of proprietary information.

As the article says, Age Concern has taken ages to extricate itself from the Heyday disaster and will want to maintain a whiter than white image, especially as it is trying to establish the Age UK brand.

It might be an idea if Mr Wright makes clear what being chairman of the company does and doesn’t involve. In particular what Age UK and RHC-Advantage get out of the relationship.

This news story got me thinking about who I would select as chairman of 20plus30 – not that there is a job vacancy. So far nobody comes to mind. Dick Stroud


Mark Beasley said...

As your piece says, the so-called 'news' you refer to (from Third Sector) is 'not worth a second reading'.
And as the article itself says 'nobody has done anything wrong'.
So it's disappointing that you should lower your own normally high standards by giving this non-story the oxygen of publicity.

Dick Stroud said...

Mark - Thanks for the compliments about the high standards.