Monday, April 11, 2011

50s and over – what next?

When I was last in the US I received a request from a journalist (Marissa Miley) to contribute to an article that she was writing for AdAge. Not that it would have made any difference but I didn’t realize that it was being sponsored by AARP and based on their 2011 Boomers Envision What’s Next survey. Data was also being used from GfK MRI’s 2010 BoomerView report.

Not surprisingly, the journalist was talking with many of my US counterparts Lori Bitter, Chuck Nyren, Carol Orsborn and a long list of others who know about the older consumer.

First things first. This is a very well written report. I know the time pressure that journalists work under (sometimes I am rude about what they create) but this document is excellent. Honestly, I am not just saying that because she has used some of my quotes.

What is most important about this document is that I think it marks a watershed. The point when we start to get real about the financial issues and their impact on the ageing population.

Readers of my blog will know that I have been bleating on about this for the months. Clearly, I am not alone in this view.

This document sets out, in a well ordered way, the reality of ageing in the US, warts and all. For the US read Europe.

Don’t get me wrong, the future will have lots of ‘all’ as well as ‘warts’. The unfolding debt laden future presents endless marketing opportunities, but until we understand and accept the reality we cannot move forward with positive marketing strategies.

I loved the graphic – when I grow up – I shudder at the implications of the other one.

Thanks AARP, Adage and Marissa Miley for an excellent report. Dick Stroud

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