Thursday, June 09, 2011

Go south and live long

The first chart shows the difference between the North and South of the UK for likelihood of men living beyond 75 years. What a difference. This data comes from the ONS.

Whenever I talk to clients about the problem of using averages I know they really don’t “get it”. Maybe this chart will help make the point.

It is interesting to combine this data with the stats from the “Living longer and prospering?” report from the Oxford Ageing Institute.

Click on the charts for a readable size version.

What we can now see is what chance different geographic groups of the UK have for a disability free life beyond 75 years.

Of course I am making the same mistake of using an ‘average’ for healthy life expectancy. My guess that this number will be much lower in the North to the South.

Conclusion – move south. Dick Stroud

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