Sunday, July 17, 2011

Older means happier: Most over-50s are content ... blah blah blah

The UK’s Daily Mail newspaper seems to be obsessed with telling the over-50s that they are happy – even if they might not feel that way. Yet another article, yet another set of diabolical photos. At least these two are not by the sea but look as if they have recently escaped from the local mental in institution.

The paper reports that: “around 65 per cent of those in their 50s said they were very happy or quite content, but this rose to 75 per cent for those in their 60s and 76 per cent for those in their 70s.” The source of the results is a survey conducted by the people who run the 50+ Show for the ‘active over 50s’ at London’s Olympia exhibition center.

It is often more informative to read the comments about the article than the article itself. This one hit the nail on the head.
Don't believe all you read in surveys. Most people attending the 50+ Show for the ‘active over 50s’ at London’s Olympia will by definition be ones who're doing well. I hardly think that many of the pensioners living on the bread line and without winter heat would have made the journey. And yes, there are people posting here who're having a great time. But a great many aren't.
Dick Stroud

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