Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Irish really are interested about the older market

On Saturday I took part in a session on Irish Radio.

The host was Orlaith Blaney, the CEO of McCann Erickson and the two other speakers were Laurie Orlov and the guy who runs CASLA (Centre for Affective Solutions for Ambient Living Awareness).

Unfortunately, I had to do the interview from home and spent my time gyrating between the back and front of the house to avoid the traffic and the neighbour who was cutting his lawn. If you hear a strange noise in the background you know what it is.

You can download the podcast here - the session about the older market starts 30.40.

I have said this before but the Irish are really beginning to focus upon the business potential of the older market unlike the British Government that just pays it lip service. Indeed, ministers like Willetts seem to have a personal vendetta against his peer group. Dick Stroud

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