Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mismatch between intention and message

I recently received a PR release from a US fundraising web site that explained:

Evidence suggests that seniors are embracing the Internet in a number of ways, and charity fundraising is one of them. Razoo is steadily seeing more seniors taking advantage of the service it offers. Many seniors express comfort knowing that the site is safe and secure and that it is so easy to keep track of their donations throughout the year.

I thought I would have a look and expected to see some mention/imagery that indicated that this site is intended for or used by older people and with a high profile explanation of why the site is safe and secure.

What I found was a nice web site but it gave every impression of being intended for younger people.

I would have thought this was a perfect requirement for mainstream age-neutral imagery. A bit of mismatch between the marketing intention and the delivery. Dick Stroud

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