Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Over-50s web site launches a mobile version

Castle Cover, is an insurance company that provides financial services for the over-50s and has just launched a mobile site having seen a "sharp increase" in smartphone traffic to its Web site.

Castle Cover said: “We have seen a sharp increase of over-50s traffic opting to search for home insurance via a smart phone device over the last year. Though it may be surprising to some, we understand that many of our over-50s audience are technology savvy and make up a vast majority of earlier adopters due to having more free time to play with ‘gizmos’ and the disposable income to invest in them.

Certainly there is a big improvement to how the Castle site now appears on an iPhone to how it did before (a simulation).

This has made me think that I had better get myself a mobile site created. Good grief, this online stuff is getting even more complicated. Dick Stroud

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