Thursday, August 04, 2011

Welfare state in chaos as thousands live past 100

Seems to me that The Times was a bit short of something to say, on this wet Friday, and thought up this headline. Sorry but cannot refer to the article - paywall.

We all know that there is going to be a ‘problem’ of ageing and its impact on the health and care budgets, however, I don’t think this idea of extrapolating the past to conclude that we are breeding a generation of centenarians is is of much assistance. This graphic is based on the work done by the ONS.

Remember the old saying: “Trends go on until they stop.”

What is most likely to happen is that there will be even more fragmentation in the country between the alpha and beta people. The alpha, well educated, prosperous, healthy …. will live long and well and buy their own health and care support.

The betas, well the betas are going to have a hard time of it and will clog up the overflowing poorly funded state systems by eating, drinking and drugging themselves to an early death

Marketers should be interested in both groups. Dick Stroud

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