Thursday, September 22, 2011

The insult of all insults – too many older people are buying iPhones

Mashable has an interesting item about the comments of the acting chief honcho of HTC America who reckons the popularity of the iPhone amongst older people (whoever ever they are) is diminishing its cool rating.

From the extensive market research exercise of chatting with his daughter’s friends he comes to this conclusion. I think he is probably right.

The only problem for HTC is that young people are not necessarily buying HTC products but more likely to buy a Blackberry. I guess it is the secure network. It sort of echoes back to days when SMS was the domain of the young. 

It must be a real pain being young as no sooner do you lay claim to a bit of cool real estate then you mum and dad come along and invade the place – witness what is happening with Facebook.

Give it a few more years and young people have gone back to using landlines as their parents chuck them out of whatever is going on in the 5G space. Dick Stroud

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