Friday, September 16, 2011

International Conference about Age Friendly Cities

I will be attending this conference that is being co-hosted by the World Health Organization’s Global Network of Age-friendly Cities, the Ageing Well Network, Ireland and the International Federation on Ageing. 

The conference will bring together 400 leaders and senior managers.

The WHO’s Age-friendly Cities Programme is an international effort to help cit­ies and other communities prepare for two major global demographic trends: the rapid ageing of popula­tions and increasing urbanisation. The Programme targets the environmental, social and economic factors that influence the health and well-being of older adults, and a core aim of the conference is to facilitate and share innovation and learning in this area. 

The conference programme is built around three themes: Social and Cultural Connectivity, Age-friendly Environments and developing momentum for the global Age-Friendly Cities movement. 

If you are interested in the developments in 'age friendly' public spaces then this a conference that you cannot miss.

It will be nice to be attending a conference to listen rather than speak. Dick Stroud

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