Thursday, October 20, 2011

QR codes are a mystery to most people

Back in June I wrote about QR codes as being a technology looking for an application.

Since then I have modified my view (a bit) but I am still not convinced.

The author of this article is even less enamoured with QR codes. Here is a straight quote

The current use of QR codes in advertising is... I could finish that statement with "stupid," "useless," "uncreative," or "uninspiring." Surprisingly, that is not news to anyone at advertising agencies or brands. QR codes seem to be a last ditch effort; an ignored piece of "Hey, throw a QR code on there that leads to our website." But why bother? The general public seems largely oblivious to what they are used for, and why they are on all those ads.  

If QR codes leave early adopter smartphone users cold you can imagine what they do to the average older person. Maybe the technology will reach a breakthrough point but I doubt it.  In case you were wondering - the code does say something. Not sure it is worth reading. Dick Stroud

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