Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What CMOs really think

IBM has published an interesting report based on researching the views of 1,700 heads of marketing to understand their fears, hopes and desires. Well at least those related to marketing.

The respondents came from a wide variety of organisations, ranging from 48 of the top 100 brands listed in the 2010 Interbrand rankings to enterprises with a primarily local profile.

I was particularly interested in concerns of the marketing head honchos to demographic change. As you can see this subject featured at number four in their worries. So what aspects of demographics are keeping these top marketers awake at night?

This is a quote from the report.

New global markets and the influx of younger generations with different patterns of information access and consumption are changing the face of the marketplace. In India, as one example, the middle class is expected to soar from roughly 5 percent of the population to more than 40 percent in the next two decades. 

Marketers who have historically focused on affluent Indian consumers must adapt their strategies to market to this emerging middle class. In the United States, marketing executives must respond to the aging baby boomer generation and growing Hispanic population.

I guess that working so much in the part of the “shifting demographics” world that is all about ageing that you tend to forget that there are other big changes going on. This is a report worth downloading. Dick Stroud

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