Monday, December 17, 2012

Another effect of cognitive ageing

I live next to church that is approached by a couple of tracks from the road. Over the years I have been forced to witness some bizarre ways that people park. 

Why a I showing you a photo of a small little yellow car? I have just watched a lady in her late 70s  - maybe 80s emerge from the car, having taken sometime to park, in a position that will now block access to a couple of houses.

Now this is a completely unscientific study but I have come to some conclusions about this sort of behaviour, which is not restricted to older people, but the majority of the problems are  caused by the over-50s.

The obvious explanation is that it is some sort of cognitive decline that deprives the person of understanding the problems they are creating. I have discounted this explanation.

No, I am afraid the explanation is that some older people just don't give a damn. It seems that upon reaching their 60s or 70s they believe it relieves them of the need to obey the simple rules of courtesy. 

Without getting a research grant I am not going to be able to take this research much further. Maybe, they were always rude and it getting older emphasises the trait? 

Whatever the truth is all I know is that some older people annoy the hell out of me. Dick Stroud 

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