Saturday, March 09, 2013

Why NHS staff should be trained by Pret a Manger

The dreadful state of the UK's NHS has been in the press for the past few weeks and looks likely to remain there for the next few years.

The rose tinted spectacles of the dreadful Danny Boyle dancing nurses stunt at Olympics has ridiculed by dreadful case of 1,200 deaths in one UK hospital because of negligent and incompetent medical care. Deaths so far this year are estimated to be over 10,000.

This is a subject I have been writing about for some time having experienced first hand the hopeless way that so many NHS staff treat their customers. Most of them happen to be of the older variety.

I think I have found part of the solution. Appoint the training department of Pret A Manger to train nursing and care staff. Maybe a period having to be nice to customers and rushing around making cappuccinos and lattes would do our portly nurses a world of good.

There is a serious point to this blog posting. The gap between public sector care standards and those in private industry is now immense. Either we find a way of bringing the public sector up to speed with the level of customer care that is expected of today's organisations or we privatise the lot. Dick Stroud

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