Friday, April 26, 2013

Very interesting but stupid - IAB's research into Europe's Silver Surfers

In prehistoric times there was a very popular TV programme called Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.

There was a recurring sketch where an actor would appear and utter the line "very interesting but stupid". Why I found that funny I have no idea. Maybe I just watched the programme because of the youthful Goldie Hawn.

Anyway, having just gone through the slides of this report this phrase jumped into my head.

Silver Surfers: Closing the Digital Divide, a report from trade body IAB Europe,

IAB has lots of data about Europe's Silver Surfers (who seem to be anybody over the age of 55). On the face of it you start to think that this is interesting and maybe useful and then the reality of what they have done becomes clear.

Let's assume we remain active customers until we are 85 years old. Yes, I know, that is far to young for some people and far to old for others.

This means that IAB has researched a group of consumers spanning 30 years. This is like researching the behaviour of 5-35 year olds.

OK, if you think that is too extreme, then how about 20-55 year olds.

What value do get from this? None.

Free advice to IAB. Add sub-age groups. If you have this data, and haven't made it available, then say so. Dick Stroud

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dick
The Mediascope Bulletins start with a broad group and then develop the conversation by diving deeper into subgroups by age, sex or market for example.
Research & Marketing Coordinator, IAB Europe