Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Who has the best green credentials - Boomers or their kids?

A while back in the UK there was some 'research' done that supposedly showed that older people have a larger carbon footprint than their children and grandchildren.

A little digging into the research methodology showed that it was very suspect.

Now we have some research from the US (The DDB Life Style Study) that concluded that Boomers are, in the main, more concerned with the environment than their children. Personally, I don't think the figures look that convincing that the difference is worth shouting about.

I would expect that the socio economic grouping of the individual far outweighs age as an indicator of carbon footprint and environmental awareness. Dick Stroud

NOTE - you must read the comment from Stephen Johnston at Aging2.0. Very amusing.

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Hi Dick,
Katy Fike saw this and recommended I share the post my Dad had made, which is relevant for this topic!