Monday, June 03, 2013

Two big questions never asked or answered about pensions and paying for care

I received a couple of e-mails this morning that got me thinking.

The first was about research from Scottish Widows showing how Brits are not saving enough for their retirement. Well there is a surprise.

This is a link to the pretty Infographic.

I then received an invite from ILC to a session about 'Personal Care Savings Bonds' that would be a way for saving for long term care.

The two issues that are never confronted about saving, be it for pensions or care, are these:
With the changing economic state of the UK - is it going to be possible for people to have enough disposable income left to save? More accurately, what proportion of the population will never have enough dosh to save - even assuming they could be convinced it was a good idea.

Secondly, why when the UK benefits system is so means tested is there any encouragement to do. I have termed this "the next door neighbour question". 

I know the guys at the ILC are aware of the second of these issues.

When somebody has answers to both these questions do let me know. Dick Stroud

P.S I have just seen that ILC has published a report about the 50+ and debt titled "Debt and problem debt among older people"

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