Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Purple Clover looks a lot like High50 - I wonder if these web sites make any money?

I was just looking at Purple Clover a web site for non-baby-boomers. This is what is says about itself.

Purple Clover is a new site for people who hate being called "baby boomers" or labeled as "generation x" (or, for that matter being called "sir" or "ma’am"). 

We’re young at heart, if not in age, and comfortable in our own skin, wrinkles be damned. If we were a celebrity, we’d be Juliana Margulies or George Clooney. Although we’d never say it out loud, especially in front of our kids, we are in our prime – still cool, still curious, still a little crazy. But most of all, we are real. And that’s exactly what Purple Clover will be: a destination that reflects the truth about how we live today, although we’re still a little fuzzy on how we want to live tomorrow. What’s clear is this: We still have plenty to do and plenty to enjoy and we’re hoping that we can figure out the tomorrow part together.

This is the High50 web site. 

Both sites have a nice design - in the main good quality content. Clearly there are lots of people that go to these web sites (I hope).

Let's hope they are spending lots of money or at least enticing lots of advertisers to spend lots of money. Dick Stroud

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