Thursday, August 08, 2013

How well is the diet working out? Don't know? Your smartphone soon will

A while back I wrote a blog about the growing market for using Google and devices that can purchased over-the-counter to help manager health and fitness.

I have just read about work going on to enable smartphones to measure the level of acetone in your breath.

Why is that important you think.

Apparently the exhaled breath of people who are burning fat contains comparatively high levels of the gas acetone. That’s because when fatty acids are broken down, one of the end products is acetone, which is released into the blood and through the lungs in breath. By monitoring acetone concentration, dieters could get a more accurate sense of whether their efforts are working.

Now a lot of older people are on a continuous diet. Such a device might be the very thing they are looking for to help lose the pounds/kilos. On the other hand it might be a constant reminder that it is isn't working.

More seriously, you can see this is Dick Stroud

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