Monday, September 16, 2013

What do people do when they 'retire'?

Retirement is a strange thing. One day you are working - something you started to do over half a century ago and then you stop. Yep, I know for lots of people it is not like that but I know many friends who have done just that.

The WSJ had an article titled: "Why Too Much Togetherness Can Ruin Retirement".

The argument is that you have spent most of your life do many things independently and then all of a sudden you reach a point where you have the opportunity to do them together.

The WSJ article concludes that couples dream of being joined at the hip when they're no longer working can be a disaster and that a more satisfying approach may be 'parallel play.' (i.e. you do some things together and some apart)

You might want to have a look at the analysis of what people do more/less of during their retirement. It is no shock that eating out and travel are two activities that benefit from stopping work. Dick Stroud

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