Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Latest research from the BBC about media literacy

The BBC conducts a lot of research about media literacy.

It has recently published another report (Understanding Digital Capabilities). The research was conducted by ipsos. The sample size of all respondents was just a tad over 2,000.

No great surprises. As you would expect the group lacking in digital skills is skewed older. The numbers of people deemed to be missing basic digital skills is recorded as 11 million. This is based on whether users could conduct a series of basic online tasks,

The number I have been using is 16 million - this comes from the booz&co report from last October. However, this report reckons there are 11 million people who do not use the Internet at all. All very confusing.

What is not confusing is the relationship between Internet use and socio economic group. We could debate the numbers but the pattern is clear.

Whilst reading this report I had a look around at previous research. I found this chart from research conducted last year.

I think this provides a nice visual way of plotting online activities.

If you want to get a good handle on Internet use (and the lack of it) then this work  by the BBC is certainly worth a read. Dick Stroud

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