Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reasons to target older auto customers

It is worth expanding this graphics to see five good reasons why the auto industry should be falling over itself to please older car buyers.

In addition to these positive reasons, there is the negative one that young people are increasingly not bothering to buy a car - certainly not a new one. This is either because of the cost (especially the insurance) or the the lack of need (if they live in a large city). See my previous blog about the way London is getting younger.

Then of course there is the trusty bike that lots of young, and indeed older, people ride.

This data is from the US and was published by AARP to help promote its sales of ads for its magazine. So you could say they are a tad biased.

This might be the case, but there is no getting away from it, older car buyers are one of the main drivers (excuse the pun) that is keeping the auto business going. Dick Stroud

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