Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More good stuff about CX from Econsultancy - like what does it mean

In my previous blog posting I referenced Econsultancy's research about where the responsibility for CX resides within the company.

Here is some more good content from the consultancy.

Firstly, they provided a pretty good definition of what CX means - I quote: Customer experience is the sum of all the experiences a customer has with a business during their entire lifetime relationship, taking in not just the key touchpoints (product awareness, social contact, the transaction itself, post purchase feedback) but also how personal and memorable these experiences are.
Customer experience can also refer to the quality of an individual experience a customer has over the course of a single transaction.

Here is how it defined customer experience management (CEM): A strategy used to track, oversee and organise all interactions, in order to help a business focus on the needs of its customers. 
This practice is meant to ‘close the gap’ between the intended customer experience and the actual customer experience.

Finally, Econsultancy published some research about what marketers and their customers think is important about the digital experience (you will need to click on the image to read). The thing that interests me is where there is a big difference between what customers and marketers think is important. Dick Stroud

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