Sunday, May 03, 2015

Generation Z please retain the value you place on Wellness

This research from Nielsen shows a depressing picture, at least for older people, of the importance the different generations place upon Wellness and their willingness to pay a premium for products with that attribute.

What a difference between the 65+ and the rest in terms of how important they rank wellness and even more the willingness to pay a premium for products.

So I wonder if this is a cohort effect or an ageing effect (i.e. why bother with this wellness stuff when you are 65+). I will sit on the fence and say that it is a bit of both.

Whatever, there is a strong message for companies promoting Wellness related products. My rule of thumb is that about 20% of the 65+ age group pay much attention to wellness/fitness. Another 20% almost actively show their disdain for such things. The big group in the middle are open to persuasion. Dick Stroud

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