Saturday, May 23, 2015

Inactivity, like tax and death is always with us and getting worse. Shocking numbers from the US

When it comes to the attitude of older people towards 'wellness' I have had a rough rule of thumb that says about 25% take it seriously, 25% don't give a damn and the balance are somewhere between the two but probably more skewed towards being 'don't give a damn'.

Having just read this report from the Physical Activity Council in the US I might need to have a rethink.

The report  defines “Inactivity” as those people who report not taking part in any physical, sports and fitness activities that require minimal to no physical exertion.

As you can see, the data from 2014 showed that very nearly 40% of the over 65s categorise themselves as being inactive. This probably means that the true figure is north of 50%.

How depressing. All the more reason if you are in the wellness business that you are highly targeted with your marketing. Dick Stroud

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