Sunday, May 03, 2015

Marks & Spencer's food for oldies

Wiltshire Farm Foods has pretty much got the food for oldies market sewn up. Well to be a bit more accurate, the company has focused on the home delivery aspect of its product. My guess is that the average customer is firmly at the old-old end of the market and hence home delivery becomes important.

A journalist from the Independent newspaper wrote about the company and was then contacted by Marks & Spencer to invite her to inspect their product offering aimed that older end of the market.

Like the journalist, I had no idea that M&S had such a product.

The point of telling you this is twofold. Firstly, the journalist took along her dad (80+ and a retired doctor) to have a taste and in his view the food, whilst very tasty, had too much salt.  Having had to buy low salt content food I know how difficult this can be. So, all companies intending to hit the older consumer beware that they are probably looking at both the sugar and salt content.

Secondly, well done M&S for not broadcasting the fact that this food is for oldies but I think you can take it a bit too far so that nobody knows that it exists. It is a fine line and I think you have veered on the side making the product invisible from the intended customer. Dick Stroud

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