Monday, July 27, 2015

Yawn.....another conference on aging/ageing - I wonder what was achieved? Not much is my guess.

In the early days of the ageing business it was really something when a head of state got involved in the issues surrounding ageing. How things have changed.

Maybe I have just become cynical about the involvement of government in ageing/aging but I get the feeling that it is 'going through the motions' (i.e. it knows it needs to be doing something but it is not sure what). Of course a few things will change but not much.

On both sides of the Atlantic it is necessary for Government to be seen to be doing something about the ageing population but only as long as it doesn't cost any money or make any significant changes to the status quo. Here are details about the White Conference on Aging. Bet you didn't know anything about it?

In the UK there are zillions of government sponsored activities/projects, all with great promotional material nice YouTube videos but when you dig into the details they are just talking shops. As soon as you see they investigating the Internet of Things you know that it a bunch of well meaning sorts jumping on the latest tech wave

All the while the real issues caused by ageing, especially how it impacts healthcare, get worse and worse. All the time the division between those that will pay for their healthcare and those that are forced to take what is handed out gets larger.

That all said, the opportunities for companies to profit from this mess are massive. Just don't get sidelined by any of the Government well meaning stuff. Dick Stroud

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