Friday, August 21, 2015

Blimey a shower of reports on ageing and all are free

Of course just because the reports are free doesn't make them useful but it is certainly worth you have a scan.
I am still not sure I understand what we are supposed to do with these reports. Interesting they are, of course, but I am always left with a big 'so what' question. And to be honest, much (most) of this stuff has been known for ages.

Yes it is interesting and somewhat amusing to see how different countries define end of youth and the start of old age. Because it has featured so much in the news you cannot help but see that the Greeks think the end of youth comes at 52 - I could makes some observations why that might be but perhaps they should be left unsaid.

Thank you UK Government and my fellow taxpayer for keeping a  bunch of academics employed in churning out this stuff but I far from convinced it is worth the effort. Dick Stroud

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