Tuesday, August 11, 2015

McKinsey's 'cracking the digital-shopper genome' lovely concept - achievable Mmmmmmm

When I worked in the strategy consultancy business I loved creating conceptual models. They looked terrific and maybe, just maybe. they helped my clients.

McKinsey is the grand-daddy of conceptual model makers and so it is with the idea of the Shopper genome. Have a read of the full article. What a great image!

The problem comes you try and go from the PowerPoint slides to making it work.

A couple of quotes from the article:

'... you need to create teams that “own” a customer segment across the full journey. Central responsibility for this resides with customer-segment—or “cohort”—owners, who oversee every phase of engagement from strategy to execution and have broad cross-functional authority and decision rights...'

'...ultimately, cohort managers make sure that all customer communications are orchestrated, harmonized, and synchronized across every touchpoint.... a deep understanding of the customer experience across channels is at the core of this capability....'

There are very few organisation that are going to attempt what is being suggested and only a handful that could achieve the desired outcome. Still it is a terrific idea/graphic.

One small thing that is missing from the graphic - any mention or inference to the need to make the customer experience age-neutral. A bit of an oversight. Dick Stroud

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