Thursday, September 03, 2015

Poor old M&S really cannot decide what it wants to be - and it shows

This ad reminds me of a mix between the Sony TV ads, the ones that used zillions of litres of paint and the early Apple iPod ads. Nicely made and very pretty.

You can just hear the briefing session to the ad agency. "....we did really well with the Twiggy era of ads but then had the flop with photos of lots of women who nobody recognised ... we have done some straight product advertising but what we need now is to connect with the customers of tomorrow ... we have to position ourselves as the brand of choice for younger people..... and so on and so on..."

I have no idea if the product matches the ad claims. Somehow I doubt it.

My fear is the M&S is in a tail spin of flip flop advertising that satisfies nobody. But lovely ads. Dick Stroud

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