Friday, September 18, 2015

Why I am worried about Jeremy Corbyn

If you are in the slightest way interested in UK politics you will know that the Labour party has a new leader - Mr Jeremy Corbyn.

These comments have nothing to do with Jeremy's politics it has to do with his age (66 years).

Does reaching your mid sixties confer on you the positive benefits of wisdom, experience, empathy and worldliness? Or does it damn you to nasties of failing health, depleted stamina and energy and rigidity of thinking that is welded in the past?

It would seem that Jeremy is currently right at the end of the 'positive' spectrum. His support by young people and their comments clearly value his 'insights' and his 'principles'.  Right now Jeremy is the recruiting poster for older people to senior positions.

But why am I worried. Well, I think the likelihood of him rapidly traversing to the other end of the spectrum, where all the negatives of age reside, is close on 100%.

Fast forward one or two years, maybe much less time, and we will see all the nasties associated with Jeremy's age being paraded through the media.

That's what worries me. Dick Stroud

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